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Kose - Softymo W Collagen Cleansing Foam

Kose - Softymo W Collagen Cleansing Foam

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The Kose Softymo W Collagen Cleansing Foam is appreciated for its rich foam texture and collagen-enriched formula. Users find it effective in thoroughly cleansing the skin without causing dryness or irritation. The addition of collagen helps improve skin elasticity and hydration, leaving the skin feeling soft and supple after cleansing. Its pH-balanced and gentle formula makes it suitable for daily use, even for those with dry or mature skin. Overall, it's a popular choice among those seeking a cleansing foam that not only removes impurities but also nourishes and hydrates the skin.

**Suitable for all skin types, including dry and mature skin.

    Key Features:

    • Enriched with collagen to help improve skin elasticity and hydration.
    • Rich foam texture that thoroughly cleanses the skin without causing dryness or irritation.
    • Helps to remove makeup, dirt, and impurities from the skin's surface.
    • Leaves the skin feeling refreshed, soft, and supple after cleansing.
    • Suitable for daily use as part of a skincare routine.

    How to Use:

    • Wet your hands and face with lukewarm water.
    • Dispense an appropriate amount of Kose Softymo W Collagen Cleansing Foam into your palm.
    • Create a rich lather by rubbing your hands together, then apply the foam to your face.
    • Gently massage the foam onto your skin in circular motions, paying attention to areas with makeup or impurities.
    • Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and pat dry.


    Water, Glycerin, Myristic Acid, Stearic Acid, Potassium Hydroxide, Lauric Acid, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Glycol Distearate, Cocamide MEA, Glyceryl Stearate, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Polyquaternium-7, Sodium Hyaluronate, Soluble Collagen, Sodium Acetylated Hyaluronate, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer, Hydrolyzed Sodium Hyaluronate, Disodium EDTA, BHT, Sodium Benzoate, Phenoxyethanol

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