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SANA - Soy Milk Moisture Cream NC

SANA - Soy Milk Moisture Cream NC

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Experience the luxurious Japanese Skincare brand Nameraka Honpo face cream, a non-sticky, rich formula designed to protect your skin's natural moisture and promote a smooth, non-greasy complexion.

Their latest formula boasts a newly developed high-purity soymilk isoflavone, recognized with a prestigious award in Japan as the world's first cosmetic raw material. Combined with soymilk fermented liquid, it serves as a powerful moisturizing ingredient for optimal skin hydration.

At the heart of Nameraka Honpo is the whole soybean, sourced from the renowned Fukuyutaka in Kyushu. This premium ingredient forms the basis of our newly blended high-purity soymilk isoflavone, contributing to the cream's exceptional skincare benefits.

**Suitable for All Skin Types
**Has a little scent of fermented Soy Bean

How to use

- Apply a grape size amount of SANA Moisture Cream to cheeks, forehead, nose and chin.
- Smooth cream over your face, working from the inside to the outside in long, soft strokes.


Water, cyclohexasiloxane, glycerin, BG, squalane, ethanol, glyceryl stearate (SE), starch octenyl succinate Al, palmitic acid, stearic acid, stearyl alcohol, cetanol, soy milk isoflavone, soy milk fermented liquid, Carbomer, xanthan gum, citric acid, cyclodextrin, cyclopentasiloxane, PEG-25 stearate, soybean protein, soybean seed extract, beeswax, tocopheryl acetate, sodium hydroxide, methylparaben.


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